Start up of a new business
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Start-up of a new business

Business start-up Start-up of a new business Franchising Entrepreneurship If you intend to start your own business and need help, need counseling and/or  we can give advice then you should continue reading. The more you know about the basic, commonsense fact about starting a business, the better, one of the most important questions is where do I get the money from to start, to start my new enterpreneurship. Money the basis, foundation of all business. Finding and raising (begging for) loans, networking, the goverment, hard capital getting creative or hard to get. We Bolte & Associates can help and assist you in finding a tailor-made solution. We are also ready to bring you in contact with the right investors and venture capitalists, or with “Angel investors/ business Angels” We don’t deny the fact that every business faces immutable problems and challenges that are constant over time. Competition is fierce and the economy and the success of new entrepreneurs proves, that it is always a good time to start a business. If you are not sure, if you have doubts or worries than speak with us, contact Bolte & Associates and we will help to find a solution that fits your needs. Some of the most important questions for yourself are - Are you really ready? - Are you ready for this challenge? Can you handle the responsibilities? Do you have the serious motivation to succeed? Are you prepared to compete? If your answer is yes, continue planning your business adventure or seek and consult a lawyer or accountant, they can help you with some information of government help and local business agencies. Beginning the process Research your idea Research and document your start-up needs Furthermore, determine your product or service Determine your organization type - see Types of business structure Seek sources of financing Start your business - Location, location, location