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Franchising - another alternative

The ups and downs of franchising Franchises offers support Risk and returns Your Business Plan, the most important tool for succes Create a winning and lightning business plan Writing your business plan including cover sheet, Mission and purpose statement, business Overview of your economic analysis Financial analysis Market analysis Summary Eventually Appendix Types of Business Structures Sole proprietorship General partnership Limited partnership Limited liability company Limited liability partnership Corporation (C-Corp) Subchapter S-corporation (S-corp) Postal address There are many other types of companies Get also familiar with the other side of your start-up business, which nobody likes likes such as: Accounting, tax-returns, bookkeeping Tax Registration requirements Social Security taxes Federal unemployment taxes Income withholding taxes - Business income taxes State tax rates Sales and use taxes Inventory taxes Insurance

Should you have questions, doubts, concerns or fear to start with your own business,

Bolte & Associates are here to help you in a fast, simple and uncomplicatet way.

Franchising / Wholesale / Distributor / Retail / Reseller / Direct Sales on its own account with “HIGHHEELDOC” With our product it concerns a High-TECH heel protector, heel protection, and/or “High Heel protector” for ladies, women shoes. like: High Heels, stilettos, pumps sandals kitten heels, bootees, etc.

Through our department “Highheeldoc” we offer the

following business opportunities:

resale through wholesale - redistributors, retail - agencies, direct sales. Additional income through direct sales and through repair shops/cobblers, etc.                                                
Franchising “HIGHEELDOC”
There are always pictures that contain no, or too litle meaningful information. But this information and contributions are important for illustration. At www.highheeldoc.de these principles of the involvement of media are explained. Therefore, if you are interested in our products and their marketing, we recommend that you read through these details on the website of “www.highheeldoc.de” for better understanding.                           heel protection - before + after Please keep in mind that the pictures should serve to explain our High Heel Protector” or heel saver better.
Just like the text, the pictures should help to deepen the knowledge about our product. This means that the pictures should be vivid, explain a topic and make it easier to understand than the written word can. Photography is not suitable for visualizing all possible statements. The motto “inform yourself” also applies to our pictures and try to understand what a “high heel protector” actually means? Sometimes essential features of a motif are simply invisible and therefore cannot be photographed.
protection - Protector - Highheeldoc
Almost invisible - heel protected with “highheeldoc”
damaged                                 solution: heel concealed
You can avoid many risks and problems, associated with business, if you use a ready-made concept. It is important that you plan your start-up step by step and make it a reality. We look forward to establish a succesful cooperation with you. If you feel that we, Bolte & Associates, can help you to achieve your goals,  please do not hesitate to contact us.