Consultancy in Real-Estate related services
Bolte & Associates
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The main targets are as follows:

- to consult investors when purchasing or selling properties in:   North America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and other countries. - to handle all administrative legal and fiscal matters related to the purchase or sale of real estate - to provide specialized services to individuals and multinational companies intending to locate in   North America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and other countries.


Bolte & Associates is dedicated to offer the finest, most complete and extensive real estate related and business services to investors. We are totally flexible and always ready to meet with your particular requirements.

Professional advice

We provide complete consultancy service relating to all kinds of real estate activities such as purchase, sale, lease and rent.

Sales and purchases

Here we provide a full service for any clients wishing to buy or sell property. We act not only as consultants or representative of the buyer or seller but take care of advertising, marketing and preparations of brochures. If requested by the client we also assist in negotiations in order to sort out all details and to achieve satisfactory results.

Legal Advice

Assistance in all legal matters, when necessary in cross-border coorperation with our lawyers and notaries including preparation of documents, contracts and deeds.

Investment Consultancy

We assist effectively on investor’s decision making. This includes: elaboration of investments concepts, comparison of investment possibilities, calculations of cash flow, mortgage payments and profit. Following our client’s requirements we analyse and evaluate given investment proposals of real estate.

General contracting

Bolte & Associates offers a complete service of professional disciplines in all aspects of construction and land development. In all important phases like planning, design, construction and operating, we take care of all activities and supervice accordingly. Of course we remain also at the disposal of our clients once the building or project has been completed. If requested project management is also undertaken.

Property management

We take professional care of the overall management. This includes e.g. keeping account, maintenance, insurance, legal advice, general consultancy, tax declarations and any other service required by owner. Upon request we will rent out your apartment or house etc, thus assuring a return on your investment.
NORTH  AMERICA SOUTH  AMERICA, CARIBBEAN,  EUROPE MIDDLE EAST AND OTHER COUNTRIES Folowing a large demand BOLTE & ASSOCIATES been expansively involved in all kinds of real estate related activities including land development, construction, general contracting, realty management, leasing and sales.
APPRAISAL OF PROPERTY Undertaken by a qualified staff or certified appraiser for all types of real estate, collaborating with local partners being also member of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) FINANCING Mostly done trough European, Middle East, North America and Offshore Banks we can arrange financing with attractive conditions. Mortgage’s are possible up to 80% of the purchace price. We also help to arrange financing for properties in the Caribbean with other European or Offshore Banks or financing corporations. Without any additional charges we can combine the financing with a personal life insurance.