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Bolte & Associates

The diverse spectrum of Bolte & Associates

A multi- lingual staff to provide the investor with the best possible lines of communication. Bolte & Associates a business management organization to advice and represent foreign and local companies in the establishment of subsidiaries, branch offices, or affiliated companies worldwide, and to locate and evaluate real estate. Comercial and industrial ventures for foreign and local investors. The company analyzes the foreign exchange market to determine the feasibility of projects in light of investors goals, and makes all investment arrangements with international, local and offshore banks, brokers and exchanges. Bolte & Associates actively partcipates in the managerial and financial aspects of the investment venture, and assists foreigners in meeting immigration and visa requirements.
Because you are aware that the local presence will increase confidence with your customers and your product. We are nearby, act as your contact and represent your interests. Communication of new customers in their own language is of outmost importance. The German market, the culture and its particularities as well as the local language are very familiar to us and we share an extensive business network of relationsships.

expanding your business

you want to buy land, lots, property

attract new customers

you want to buy a house, villa, condo, etc

import - export of your product

you want to sell land, lots, property

selling and marketing your product

you want to sell a house, villa, condo etc

you want to relocate

you want to buy a business

you need an overseas branch office

you want an “Angel investor”

you need a business address

you want to sell a business

you need a contact person

you want to obtain a Green Card

you need a representative

you want to immigrate

you need a venture-partner

you want to develop raw land, subdivide, parcel,

You need an investor

build and sell the single parcel or lot

If you are a private person, business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional with any size of company, we can help you attract the kind of customers you are looking for. Curious?? then keep on reading our next pages.